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For the woman who is all in.

What would you do if you could create a life and a state of mind where you felt confident in your skin, capable of handling any situation, and felt in control of your life?.

And as soon as insecurities crept up, you had the power to melt them away.

Chances are you feel like there is something holding you back from becoming your true self… your confident self. Your actions may be out of alignment with what you really want. You may feel paralyzed with fear. You may find yourself worrying what others think about you. You may fear the disapproval from an authority figure. You just know in your heart that you are meant for amazing things, yet you aren’t living that life… yet!

Are you tired of being shy and staying small?
Are you drained from feeling insecure and reactive to other people?
Are you sick of feeling like the best version of you has been buried underneath worry, stress and anxiety? 

You would not be here if you didn’t have that fire within you to seek out change. Don’t wait for tomorrow, next week, or even next year to begin unleashing that confident woman inside of you.

For the woman who craves change.

Can you believe that you are capable of living a life that no longer feels out of reach?


Imagine for a moment you had all of these:

>> Complete body, mind & spirit alignment

>> A new confident identity that looked nothing like the one that shapes you now

>> The tools & the power to change your mood and emotions instantly

>> A wildly capable mindset

>> Skills to openly converse and engage with anyone, in any setting.

>> Massive Self- Love

For the woman who needs accountability.

⇢ Have you ever left a brainstorm sesh with your work fam feeling so fired up to take action? That’s what a mastermind does!

⇢ Or a sense of relief when a friend or mentor helped you see what’s been standing in your way this whole time? That’s what coaching does.

⇢ Or what about the fire you needed to keep moving in the direction of your goals because someone was holding you accountable.  That’s the power of peer accountability!


I am inviting you to join my Mentorship Pod. This program is a combination of all three: mastermind, semi-private coaching and peer discussion.

I created this program in order to provide guidance, community and a high level of accountability for women who are already taking action. The most impactful moments in my growth journey have been when I took what I’ve learned from coaches, courses and books and actually applied them to my life. But I’ll be the first to admit that there have been many times where I didn’t do all the things I set out to do because there was nobody there keeping me accountable.

There is nothing worse than knowing what you need to do, and being out of integrity with yourself by not doing it.

Come join the Mentorship Pod where we’ve created a beautiful space to learn, speak, grow and act… together!


This is the right fit for you if:

  • you can commit to 1x a week for 1hr
  • are okay with being coached amongst a group of 3-5 other women
  • are willing to participate & share in discussion
  • can commit to a low monthly investment so that you are serious and have a level of accountability for yourself.

For the woman who wants the courage to speak.

One of the biggest fears I encounter is the fear of speaking in public or in the online space. Learn the strategies and mindset tools that have helped me go from being sick to stomach over the thought of public speaking, to booking speaking gigs & teaching live in the online space!

This training is for anyone who:

  • gets anxious speaking in public
  • needs more confidence giving presentations
  • is scared to go Live on social media and really wants to overcome that roadblock
  • simply wants practice using her voice
You get access to a 1hr video training + slides + audio that do not expire!

**Upon purchase you will receive a link sent to your email to access the materials.

For the woman who wants to have hard conversations.

The Confident Conversationalist is a self-paced training designed for women who have a hard time speaking up. Often we retreat and silence our voices when it matters the most for us to effective communicators. In this course we will dive into the Underlying Fears behind avoiding those hard conversations, common situations that we hold back from, real-life examples, tools, verbiage and so much more!

You get access to a 1hr video training + slides + audio that do not expire!

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