Manifesting with Confidence with Kim Khunaraksa #12daysofConfidence

In my second episode of the #12DaysofConfidence, I sit down with a Manifesting Genius and Law of Attraction coach, Kim Khunaraksa. This is the second time I have had the pleasure of welcoming Kim on Journal Theory and this episode is particularly special because we are tying in Confidence with the Manifestation practice!
The Law of Attraction is always at work and we are manifesting all day every day. What’s exciting is that we can harness this law and intentionally manifest experiences, things, and a life that we want- all starting with our thoughts & emotions.
Where we often get tripped up is trying to figure out the how, the when and adding a ton of resistance on our path to manifesting. So, I asked Kim to join us once again to teach us how we can become more Confident Manifestors and play this incredible game of life!

Listen to the Full Episode to get all the Goods!

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