The Goals we did NOT hit in 2019

Are you over setting hard goals for 2020? Lately, we’ve noticed this overwhelming message of needing to set goals for the year and I feel like is kind of being jammed down our throats to do all the things now that it’s January.
If it’s starting to stress us out, we know its starting to stress some of you out too and that’s no way to start the year.
So, instead of setting hard goals, hustling & grinding, take a note from today’s episode and take a different approach that we give you today.
On another note, there’s a LOT you can learn from the goals that you did hit which is what Katherine and I dive into on today’s episode. We chat with all of you about the goals and achievements that did NOT happen for us in 2019 and what we learned from it. 
It’s a juicy one so be sure to get yourself a cup of Joe or a kombucha and give it a listen!

Listen to the Full Episode to get all the Goods!

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