Are you Camera Shy? How to Have Confidence in Front of the Camera!

So you’re all dolled up for a holiday party and things are going great until your friend whips out her phone and demands that you all take a group picture… full body.
You really don’t want to take a picture because you’ve been bumming about a few extra pounds lately and you absolutely HATE the way you look next to your 22yr old friend who’s got a banging body and has yet to know the struggles of post-breastfeeding boob saggage, and not to mention you just gobbled down like a million pieces of cheese off that charcuterie board. 
But you don’t want to NOT be in the photo because then you’d be the odd woman out and then everyone in the room would definitely want to try and pump you up with all kinds of comments that, let’s be real, are deflected as quickly as they are dished out.
So you take the picture, and you feel like you just HAVE to see it immediately and give the stamp of approval or else you are totally going to demand that your friend delete it and take another one so you have a second chance at nailing that ass-out, leg-popped, shoulders back pose.
Ladies… what the shit?!
Do you feel me on this?? Raise your hand if you’ve ever been even remotely close to experiencing something like this. 
It is our intention for you to be able to be present in moments like this, get comfortable with the camera and stop hating on your body so damn much.

Listen to the Full Episode to get our tips on how to be more confident in front of the camera!

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