How to Handle Feeling Left Out & Ostracism

If you have grown up being shy or insecure you have 100% been in situations , relationships, friendships, environments, workplace scenarios where you felt left out.
Call it FOMO, left out, ostracized… either way it feels like crap.
It’s the fear of being left out and ostracized which is ultimately creating these situations for us.  We worry about disappointing others, not being fun enough, not being enough for others. We going into situations and events with that fear exuding from us.
We get so focused on these negative feelings, fears and worries and what that does it energetically separates us from people. We are no longer focused on things that connect us with others.
Things that connect us with others- joy, transparency, ease, fun, love, vulnerability 
These are all churning this negative concoction and  it creates this cocktail of negative emotion, and people dont’ connect with that- they get repelled by it.
Listen to the full episode on how you can control these situations and How to be a magnet for fun, good vibes and positivity!

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