Choosing a Career out of Scarcity vs. Trusting your Path in Abundance with Jackie Wist

In this episode of Journal Theory, I talk with Jackie Wist- a Mama, Wife & Life/Biz Coach for Mom’s who want to build their online brand without sacrificing precious time with their families. We talk about what happens when we take career paths that are not aligned with who we are, why sustainable actions are necessary in business and family life, and a FAVE topic of mine- Scarcity vs. Abundant Mindset.
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Actionable Items:
How to Have more energy & get HIGH VIBE today!
  1. Wake up earlier than you would normally get up, perhaps 15-30 minutes even if that means before the kiddos get up! Stand up straight, reach up to the sky, smile a big ridiculous grin and say thank you!
  2. Start the day with 3 things you’re grateful for… journal it out or speak it out loud!
  3. Have a dance party. You can’t be grumpy when you’re dancing!
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